i love you

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@ positivus festival 2014

very pretty

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Icarus - These Streets - Laura Palmer
Things We Lost in the Fire - Flaws - Laughter Lines
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@ positivus festival 2014

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guys i’m so sorry i haven’t been on much lately. it’s just with school and homework and college apps i really don’t want to get into a habit of being on tumblr all the time so i’m just trying to avoid it. i won’t be completely inactive but i really really need to get stuff done these next few weeks so i hope you understand

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Daisy present. Melon Moon. Okay. I agree with you. The new music : It's Italian and called La Mia Citta by Emma Marrone (It means the city is mine or this is my city). Then there is this foreign song from Denmark that is in all English called Only Teardrops by Emmelie de Forest. Have fun at that concert in November!

yayyyyy thanks daisy!!

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"We’ve had so many fun weekends - this summer’s been absolutely amazing.”

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